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Tooling Renovation

We have refurbished in excess of 100 tool sets.

Tooling renovation and modifications can be made to suit customer requirements, i.e. Narrow Blankholders, Hardened tooling, longer blade lengths.

We have successfully refurbished numerous sets of MLA, ALA and ABA tooling with fantastic results. Bending accuracy is as good as new, at a fraction of replacement tool costs.

If your P4 is producing a poor quality product, please do not spend a fortune on replacement tooling! Call us and we’ll solve your problems.

Salvagnini P4 2516 MLA Tooling Refurbishment

Salvagnini P4 2516 MLA Tooling Refurbishment

Salvagnini P4 2512ALA tooling Refurbished

Salvagnini P4 2516ABA Tooling Refurbishment

Salvagnini P4 2516 counter blade repair

Savagnini P4 ALA Tooling Refurbishment

Salvagnini P2 Tooling Refurbishment

EB Machinery

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Breakdown and Servicing Machines 7 days a week,
Independent Salvagnini Specialists

In today’s competitive market, when your machinery stops working, you need a fast response. When you just need to get an engineer to get the problem sorted, one call and we’ll be on our way.

We know that when a machine is down the priority is speed of response and dedication to your problem until the machine is back in production.

One of the problems associated with servicing machines is that machinery providers look at your breakdown as an inconvenience, and try to fix the problem over the phone; we will always try to help, but we can differentiate from when a customer wants advice, or really needs a visit.

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