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Computer Replacement

We can now replace all windows NT/2000/XP Salvagnini systems with a new windows 10 computer to a spec of your choice. We have worked in conjunction with a reputable IT company to bring a cost effective, professional upgrade for dated computer systems.

Our standard upgrade pack comes with a new UPS backup, twin hard drives, mobile remote access and full warranty with backup.

Please call for details.

N.B. PDP Computers: These can be emulated by one of our colleagues, please contact us for details.

EB Machinery

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Breakdown and Servicing Machines 7 days a week,
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In today’s competitive market, when your machinery stops working, you need a fast response. When you just need to get an engineer to get the problem sorted, one call and we’ll be on our way.

We know that when a machine is down the priority is speed of response and dedication to your problem until the machine is back in production.

One of the problems associated with servicing machines is that machinery providers look at your breakdown as an inconvenience, and try to fix the problem over the phone; we will always try to help, but we can differentiate from when a customer wants advice, or really needs a visit.

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EB Machinery – First choice for used Salvagnini

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