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Our Team

Our current staff has over 60 years of experience on Salvagnini systems and the team includes: Russell Evans, Martin Bendall, Paddy Hempstead, Simon Raven (service), Paul Crow (international), Laura Evans (admin) and Jon Grainger (sales)

Russell Evans

Russell Evans has installed and programmed many of the Salvagnini Panel Benders in the U.K. Russell formed EB Engineering in 2004 in response to Salvagnini customers’ demand for better service support. His knowledge and application of tool grinding techniques has prolonged the life of Panel Bender tooling on more than 50 machines and counting. Russell is a very keen off road motorcyclist and often organises tours and events for like minded clients.

Jon Grainger

Jon Grainger, served 18 years with Salvagnini heading up Machine Sales in UK & Ireland. Jon joined us from TPSM in London, having taken a 5 year sabbatical in manufacturing, and in doing so has gained an inside knowledge of what it takes to make a successful sub-contractor. He will be able to find the right machine for you, with the justification to support it, and with EB expertise – a panel bender or punch-shear with the best condition of tooling to make your purchase of a used salvagnini a boost to your machine shop. For more information on used salvagnini please contact Jon with your enquiry: jon@ebmachinery.co.uk

Martin Bendall

Martin Bendall started working with Salvagnini machines at the former agent, Lomir, back in 1988 and installed his first panel bender the same year. At the end of the nineties, Martin became a luminaire development engineer – again on Salvagnini systems; he returned to servicing Salvagnini machines with EB in 2010. In his spare time, Martin enjoys skiing, motorbiking and many other adrenaline fuelled activities. Martin is our dedicated Service Director and as one of customer’s says – ‘is the nicest bloke you’re ever likely to meet’.

Paddy Hempstead

Paddy, our Senior Service Engineer, is the complete engineer, gifted in electrics, electronic fault finding and an ability to dismantle and re-build any mechanism.

Paddy served his apprenticeship at Sloane Group and worked as Principal Engineer for Eden Sheet Metal for nearly 30 years.

Simon Raven

Simon, aka Beanie, is our latest recruit, a dab hand as a welder and super keen to work with the expanding team. Simon has worked on Control Systems and been involved in Fault Finding and installs within the Sheet Metal industry for over 10 years.

Paul Crow

Paul is our go to guy for international assignments. He has moved machines from all over Europe and North America. With stints working for Security protecting the Football World Cup and the Olympics torch relay, Paul’s latest passport is more ink than paper.

Laura Evans

Laura keeps the ship afloat – with a vast knowledge of Salvagnini parts and alternatives, Laura feeds the service team with a quick supply of parts.

All administration and accounts are processed to pin point accuracy and customer enquiries are fed in double quick time to EB service and sales.

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In today’s competitive market, when your machinery stops working, you need a fast response. When you just need to get an engineer to get the problem sorted, one call and we’ll be on our way.

We know that when a machine is down the priority is speed of response and dedication to your problem until the machine is back in production.

One of the problems associated with servicing machines is that machinery providers look at your breakdown as an inconvenience, and try to fix the problem over the phone; we will always try to help, but we can differentiate from when a customer wants advice, or really needs a visit.

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