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Salvagnini P4.2516ABA Automated Panel Bending System

Salvagnini P4.2516ABA Automated Panel Bending System

PCD auto loader, SAP unload –  It has the benefit of ABA fully automatic tool change fitted, along with option P, CLA and the expensive Option Cut to allow guillotining of the blanks during the bending process- Available for demo in our showroom November 2020.


Please enquire to receive configurations and prices.


Max bending length 2500mm
Max width of finished Panel 1500mm
Max Diagonal of incoming sheet 2750mm
Max length of incoming blank 2800mm
Max width of the blank  1510mm
Max bend height  165mm
Max thickness of mild steel  2.5mm
Max thickness of Stainless Steel  1.5mm
Bending angles obtainable  -135 Deg to +135 Deg
Total system weight  Approx 23,000kg
Electrical rating   35.75KW
Air consumption 20 l/Min
Hydraulic oil capacity 600 litres




TC30155F.CT.RPC Scissor Table 3000 x 1500mm, 3 ton pack capacity
PCD3015.RVA Automatic Sheet Feeder
P4.2516 Servo-controlled Panel bender
LS1 Upper Bending Blade (Heavy Duty)
LI Lower Bending Blade (Heavy Duty)
ABA30/400/130 Automatic Blank-holder Adjustment*
Cut/upcut01 Automatic blank cutting/part removal option
CLA Tab bending unit
P Auxiliary tool for special profiles or reliefs
UC570 570mm of tab bending tooling
SAP271618.POS Panel unloader and tilting table (allows multiple panel unloading prior to operator intervention)
R51E Chiller

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